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Our Guides

More than enough

Everybody in your family and the people you learn from in the community are cultural interpreters and although they will guide you well, we also provide supplimentary guides at no additional cost. Our supplimentary guides will be in constant contact with you and your family. They will be checking in with you often and will be aware of all that you're doing. These guides are available at any moment for any reason. Their job is to help you understand the culture and take you where you need to be. Their work is part of the service we offer and is included in the price of the package. There are no additional costs.

Our Guides:

  • Are included in the price of the package
  • Speak English, Spanish, and Kaqchikel
  • Live in the village
  • Know the culture and the area
  • have done most (if not all) of the various village jobs
  • Are always reachable
  • Can interperet what is happening in the culture
  • Are ready to serve you

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