Extreme Mayan Adventures, Educational Tourism


An Extreme
Mayan Adventure is:

  • educational
  • cultural
  • socially responsible
  • unique
  • active
  • adventurous
  • economical
  • in Guatemala

We offer an original experience for the
adventurous traveler at an
affordable price.

Adventure Travel in Guatemala

If staying in a fancy hotel sounds boring, we can offer you a unique, adventurous, educational, and socially responsible alternative; live with a traditional Kaqchikel Mayan family and have an experience to remember for the rest of your life:

Learn how to do everything in a Mayan village
and participate directly in the daily life of the community!

Our trips are more rugged, difficult, and adventurous than a typical vacation in paradise. They are surely not for everyone and won't be enjoyable for a typical tourist. Our trips are for a more adventurous person who wants to do something educational, different, and socially responsible. An Extreme Mayan Adventure is a unique experience!

Please feel free to look through our information and
contact us if you have any questions.


What We Do

  • We offer travel packages to people who want to have an exciting, educational, and nontraditional experience in a socially responsible manner. Our packages are for people who want to see more than what's on the surface of Mayan culture. Our packages are for people who want to experience it.
  • Our packages deliver a unique experience. Aside from being located on the beautiful and famous Lake Atitlán, our travel packages offer total immersion in Mayan culture. We do not offer a traditional vacation package. We offer a complete adventure! Not only do our travel packages provide homestay with a traditional Mayan family, they offer an opportunity to learn from and work with Mayan people in their daily routines.


What you will receive with our
extreme adventure travel packages in Guatemala

  • Shuttle bus service to and from Guatemala City.
  • Homestay with a traditional Kaqchikel Mayan family
  • Kaqchikel language instruction (1-2 hours per day)
  • Contact with a Mayan shaman
  • Education on the identification and forging of wild plants with medicinal properties or for eating.
  • The opportunity to participate with Mayan people in your family and the community.
    • Work side by side with people in the village to learn the village culture and lifestyle.
    • Learn the culture with Mayan guides who teach you to participate in their daily routines.
  • Instruction on the preparation of traditional Mayan food.
  • The opportunity to live as a traditional Mayan lives and learn everything associated by directly participating in activities with the people.
  • Digital Photos: your experience will be documented by our staff photographer and photos will be uploaded to a website where you can download them in high or low resolution (we use flickr).
    • Download the photos and do whatever you want with them. They are yours to do what you want with.
    • Send them in emails to your family, friends, and colleagues at work.
    • Print them in your home or any place that accepts digital photos.
  • Instruction and information about the culture from guides in the community where you stay. Our guides are experts in their own culture.
  • Access to translators who speak English, Spanish, and Kaqchikel.

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